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A common question people ask that what a “proxy” is? Proxy means a third-party that works independently. Proxy helps you to hide your IP address or identity on the internet. Hence you can enjoy complete security and privacy with proxies. Proxies come in different types. For example dedicated proxies, shared proxies, and backconnect proxies etc are types of proxies. Proxies come in expensive rates. But when your budget is limited you must go for cheap dedicated proxies.

In this blog, we will offer you a detailed description on cheap dedicated proxies. Firstly, we will talk about the difference of dedicated proxies.  Secondly, we will suggest you the best seller for dedicated proxies. If you want to save your budget, dedicated proxies are for you.

Point of difference

Dedicated proxies are getting popular day by day. They provide you best services in cheap rates. That is why it is important to know their difference. Dedicated proxies remain unshared, unlike shared proxies. Shared proxies are open to everyone. The IP address of dedicated proxies is unique to the user.  They offer the fastest connection.

Dedicated proxies are more secure than shared one. Dedicated proxies do not reveal your IP address to any website. Shared proxies, on the other hand, are highly transparent. Shared proxy pass you IP address to websites immediately.

Dedicated IP address removes the risks of getting blocked or banned. Dedicated proxies are best in use. They give a good level of anonymity. If you use dedicated proxies, you can easily handle multiple tasks at the same time. The best thing is that dedicated proxies come in cheap rates. Use cheap dedicated proxies and feel the difference.

From where to buy cheap dedicated proxies?

Once you have decided to but dedicated proxies. It is the time to choose the seller. People very often ask that where to get cheap dedicated proxies? We suggest you that Microleaves is the most successful network of providing cheap dedicated proxies.

They are the most genuine providers. They remain reliable and promising. The services provided by this seller are matchless. Their special features include you 99.9% uptime, 27/7 customer support and 3 days money back guarantee. You can enjoy unlimited bandwidth, advanced control panel, gigabit speed, and high anonymous proxies. So if you are planning to buy dedicated proxies, Microleaves is the best choice.

Plans for dedicated proxies

Many people ask that which proxy comes at a reasonable price. There are so many proxies. But elite proxies can cost you so much. In this case, cheap dedicated proxies are an ideal choice. They come in cheap rates. They are for everyone.

Microleaves offer a variety of plans. It depends upon on your use. It depends whether you need starter plans or advanced plans. Starter plans of cheap dedicated proxies are for you. 5 dedicated proxies in 6.25 $. 10 dedicated proxies in 12.5 $. 25 dedicated proxies in 31.25 $. 50 dedicated proxies in 62.5 $. 100 dedicated proxies in 125 $. Advanced plans are also available. For instance, 250 dedicated proxies in 312.5 $. 500 dedicated proxies in 625 $.

Final words

Proxies are many but dedicated proxies are cheap. They are best in use. Their services are matchless. They are different from shared proxies. Dedicated proxies remain unshared. These proxies give the fastest speed. They offer anonymity. No one can access Dedicated IP address. With dedicated IP address, user can perform many tasks at a time.

Microleaves is the exact place to buy cheap dedicated proxies. They offer many plans for everyone. Choice and use are yours. Dedicated proxies do not cost you much. They are ideal option to use. Save your budget and buy cheap dedicated proxies.

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