Shared Proxies: The Getaway

We live in an era where we can easily the things that we want.

The evolution of internet has caused a great change in the multitude. This has helped to bridge the gap between the various countries.

The internet is now the source of information and it acts as a platform for almost the works. It is impossible to think a minute without this wonderful and incredible internet.

However, some may not have the luxury of enjoy the safe and peaceful browsing. This is where the concept or the idea of the proxy server came into the picture. So to get access to all the web pages in the world, you need to buy shared proxies.


The proxy in the world works on behalf for something. This means that the proxy servers are the intermediate for the requests that are being sent by the clients to access the webpages.

Sometimes the web pages that you need to access may be blocked according to the government policy in the region or country where you are staying. So this is sorted out when you buy shared proxies.

The proxies that you buy will help to bypass your IP address and as a matter of fact will directly link you to the web page that you would like to access.

Now, this is something fascinating when you are able to access the blocked pages that you have desired to visit.


Well, the name suggests that the proxy will be shared by people when you buy shared proxies.

This means that when you buy shared proxies, along with you other multiple users will also be using this.

The number of users that can use the shared proxies are normally five. When you buy shared proxies, you will be sharing the cost also with other users.

This also helps to bring down the expense on your internet expense. The shared proxies can be shared in the company also along with other employees.

This helps the working of the company and also maintains a smooth environment for the employees.


There are many advantages of the shared proxies of which one can think of.

  • They are cheap as compare to other proxies like the private proxies.
  • They are easily available on the internet.
  • They are often free
  • They allow sharing the cost also along with the other users.
  • They are quite handy for the users who use the internet for very less time
  • They are compatible with the SEO software which helps to pitch up the web pages that you search with the keywords
  • The best part is that they support both the HTTP and the SOCKS5 devices
  • They are quite compatible with the other browsers including the Mozilla, Safari, Chrome and also with the apps that support the shared proxies


We often prefer to keep ourselves private and maintain or secrets. If you buy shared proxies, your IP address, as well as your location, will be masked.

This will help you to sneak into any website of any country which is blocked from your region. And also, if you do some transaction, the valid credentials will not be disclosed. So, it is safe and secure to use these shared proxies.


There are various reasons for using the shared proxies. Besides the fact they are cheap, they are easily available. And the best part is that before you seal the deal which you would be able to use a shared proxy to try and understand all the specifications and all other functions.

This is pretty useful for the ones who are using the proxy for the first time. Moreover, there are various plans which one might opt for using the shared proxy. The plans depend upon the time and type of usage that you will be having.


Well, with the increasing policies put into effect by the governments all over the world, the netizens are at a stress. But thanks to the proxies which are the saviours for the netizens.

Otherwise, it would have been a real mess to get access to the pages of other countries.

Previously the sites like Netflix were blocked by the government of many countries but with the availability of the proxy we can sneak into this site easily and enjoy the favorite TV shows or latest movies. Before choosing a plan, you must keep in mind few things.

The speed should be kept in mind which is the mandatory and primary thing for a user. Then comes the number of connections that one gets to access with the help of the proxies.

When you buy shared proxies, you must ensure that all are HTTP secured and can be used in any browsers or apps. The shared proxies will also help you to be in touch with your favorite social networking sites. So, this is a huge relief for the users.


Well, you can easily rely on the shared proxies. But you need to choose a good service provider so that everything is safe and secured for you.

This will safeguard your privacy and you would be able to browse or surf the net without any problems. The shared proxies will able to fetch you your desired data from the sites.

The proxies won’t reveal your identity or any other important information. Moreover, it helps in caching of the browser which as a result will increase the speed.

You would be able to access data at a faster rate. The shared proxy will maintain all your privacy.

The interesting fact is that you can use these proxies at anytime from anywhere in the world.

However, when you buy shared proxies, you should always check the expiry date so that you can use them without any problem.

With unlimited bandwidth, they are the best deals nowadays. These will not only help you to do your work but will also keep a check on your expense.

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