Part 2: The Shared Proxy Terminology

You may have heard about shared proxies, but do not know the real meaning of shared proxy? In simple words, shared proxy refers to shared servers used by any individual or organization. Such a proxy is available to a certain number of people and not only to one individual. No matter few professionals are of the view that shared proxy come up with various disadvantages. While there are tons of benefits that are also provided by the shared proxy. Cost of using the whole server is divided among the group of members using this service.

Properties of A shared proxy

Like every kind of proxy, shared proxies are also loaded with a list of properties. By looking at the properties of the shared proxies, you can simply differentiate among different form of proxies.

  • Shared Proxy Speed

By using a shared proxy, several people will use the any given server at the same time. When many people will use the server at one time, bandwidth will be overloaded. When bandwidth is overloaded, the internet will become slow and it will be frustrating. In some cases, individuals can face a complete shutdown of the internet connection. If you are planning to go for shared proxy, then you will have to keep this element in mind that it can affect your work progress.

  • Security

Security is another significant property of such proxies. As many people have access to the proxy network, therefore your personal information may not be safe in terms of shared proxies, the security is limited. The strength of security in the shared proxy is not under control. If you are using internet for daily internet surfing, then the shared proxy is a perfect option.

  • Reliability

Reliability is an important factor that an individual has to consider while looking for using a proxy. Shared proxy servers do not require any kind of registration. The shared proxies are available and accessible to anyone. The price of this proxy is affordable and budget friendly. Everyone can get access to the internet with the help of shared proxy at low cost.

  • Anonymity

One of the significant reason behind using a proxy is to stay anonymous. You can easily secure your geographical location with the help of proxies. When a person knows about your location, there are chances that he can attack you. Servers of shared proxies are transparent.  Every user is able to look at your IP if you are using this proxy. This proxy is appropriate for you if you are not much concerned about anonymity.

  • Cost

One of the major element which a person will have to consider before making any final decision about making a purchase of proxy network is a price. You will have to keep your budget under consideration before making a purchase. If you are short of budget, then these proxies are the perfect choice as it provides you with all the services at low cost. When a person is low on budget, then he may overlook reliability and security issues. While if security is a priority then you can pay more for it.

  • Advertising and Spam

Advertising and Spam plays an important role in using a proxy. You will have to notice that whether your service provider of this proxy is marketing your email address. When the providers are dealing with shared proxies, they have nothing to lose. Therefore, they can sell your email address without notifying. You will discover unprecedented advertisement banners when you are using shared proxies. In terms of shared proxy, devices are more susceptible to viruses.

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