How Do Static Residential Proxies Work

Proxies are the applications or systems of the computer that act as an intermediary for requests from the clients seeking resources from other servers. When a client requests some service the proxy, the server evaluates the request to simplify and control its complexity. Static residential proxies have more control and complete longer requests, and are static for an unset period of time.

How Do Static Residential Proxies Work?

Static residential proxy is an IP address that is assigned from ISP to the internet owner. When you get an internet connection at a new house or an apartment you get a new IP address. You use static residential proxies to hide your original IP address. When you browse your public IP, your information will appear to particular residence IP.

Residential proxies are somewhat difficult to achieve because they’re provided to residents only. And because of how difficult it is to collect them; a little number of providers offer them. You can buy a pool of static residential IP proxies, and get monthly subscriptions, although that may be a bit too expensive for normal people to afford.

However, it does not mean that residential proxies are a perfect non-error solution to all of your problems because they are still somehow prone to abuse. Some of them will still be rejected by the databases and certain security systems.

Options to Utilize IP Proxies

Microleaves is the biggest company to provide residential IP proxies. They have a wide range of products and proxies and a very wide following of customers. Highly satisfying services and the best deals are what make Microleaves one of the best dealers in proxies.

This is the era of the internet. It is important to keep your safety and it is important to keep your online identity safe and secure. And residential proxies are a great source to do so. Hackers can try to expose your identity by finding your IP address because it has important data about your geolocation as well as your social behavior. Hiding your IP address is therefore very important.

It will not only hide your IP address but it also replaces it with a random IP address. By doing this, you can easily hide your original location.

The random IP is picked by a huge pool of IP addresses that are not concerned with your original location. So it should not bother you if the hacker even gets access to them because you’re not traceable.

So now if you do plan to buy Static Residential Proxies you should consider Microleaves. The company has a great P2P network which ensures better performance and working. You can choose the right services from their deals. You can enjoy these services for home use or for business purposes. It is really easy to control and operate this system. They come with a controlling system through which you can control all the major settings and use it according to your own choice.


It’s really important to your IP addresses in order to stay safe while browsing the internet and hide your identity from hackers. As well as from those who may want to take advantage of your geolocation. Making right choices while buying residential proxies is also very important. You cannot rely on just any random company in the market, so choose one that can completely hide your identity with quality proxy services.

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